July 2018

Help define a space with New Large Rugs

Large area rugs can be the main accent of the room. Large Rugs can define the space and show your decorating ideas to your friends and family. When you’re working with an open floor plan, sometimes it can look like you purchased groups of furniture and just randomly sat them around.
Area rugs will help to define the different functional areas while adding interest and personality at the same time. You can do the colors that you want and then build the room around it. Come to the large Rug showroom in Palm Desert or Indio. We can deliver your rug to anywhere in the desert including Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and surrounding areas.
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Create a new comfort level in your Family Room.

Hardwood and tile floors are beautiful, but if you’ve ever jumped out of bed onto a cold floor you know that most floors can benefit from the extra comfort that an area rug will bring. And if they’re layered, all the better!
Find a rug that your kids or family can sit on to watch TV, play games and enjoy the comfort of the floor. Rugs can come in many types of yarn. You can be confident in any type of large area rug that you choose. You can have a professional clean the rug so you can live your life as you normally would know you can get the rugs cleaned to look like new.
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Punch up the color with an Area Rug.

Area rugs are a great way to add some spice to the room.  They can be dark and serious or bold and playful; plain or patterned; thick or thin, but a color you love is key in this case. Think about the colors you have in your home and think about adding an accent color to make the rooms great.

If you are going to entertain you may want a bright vibrant rug to show off your personality and give you room that extra look

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Add the finishing touch to your Bedroom

It is important that you have comfort in the bedroom also. You can add a large area rug next to the bed or partially under the bed to accent the colors of the comforter on the bed and decorations in the room. The area rug can make a new look and feel for the room.
I’ve seen so many otherwise well-designed spaces that fell short because they lacked an area rug.  They felt unfinished and not nearly as cozy or intimate as they could have been.
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Every room needs a starting point with an Area Rug.

That one piece that inspires you and sets the direction for the rest of the space. The inspiration piece can be anything, but an area rug can be a perfect option. Buying a beautiful area rug that you love, and then use the colors from it to inspire your room’s palette.

This about what the room is being used for and how you want the room to look with a large or small area rug. Make sure the area rug is made of quality yarn so it lasts a long time.
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Decorating with Area Rugs

When Finding a way to redecorate your home there are many types of areas rugs to choose from. Deciding on a color for your area rug can be a critical aspect to decorating.
You may want to have a rug with many colors to offer options for future decorating of the room. You can also use the room in other rooms in the future.
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