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Rug Washing

The longevity of your rug(s) exquisiteness and durability is contingent upon the way it is cared for and maintained through professional cleanings. Handmade rugs should be washed every three to five years depending on the amount of traffic endured. Professional cleanings are highly recommended for handmade rugs as certain chemicals and even high temperatures of steam can cause rug(s) to be damaged. For instance, chemicals/high temperature steam can cause dyes to be diluted, damaging the color of your rug(s). In addition, chemicals/high temperature steam can break down the yarns which can cause the rug(s) to become brittle which in turn causes the rug(s) to wear. Furthermore, rug(s) should never be soaked by water or washed by carpet cleaners.
Shiraz Rug Gallery offers professional hand washing of handmade and machine made rugs. We also offer pick up and delivery of your rug(s) for wash and restoration.

Stain Removal

The vast majority of stains are removed by dissolving them with a solvent. The solvent that is used depends on two factors. One is the agent that is causing the stain, and the second is material that has been stained. The foremost concern of Shiraz Rug Gallery when removing a stain or stains from a rug is to preserve the rugs color. At Shiraz Rug Gallery our expert repair staff makes the right solvent for each stain based on the color and material of the rug being treated. Most stains are removable from handmade rugs such as wine, coffee and urine stains as long as the aforementioned factors and techniques specific to each individual rug are taken into account to maintain each rugs original beauty.