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Design your Own Space with hand knotted Area Rug

Hand Knotted Area Rug

Hand knotted custom rugs are the best rugs to add to your collection. They are generally more expensive and worth every penny. The beautiful designs that come from the process of hand knotting a rug is like no other. Shiraz Rug Gallery can show you a great selection or have one custom made for your home or office.

Hand knotted area rug designs are more detailed and use the most time with a labor intensive rug weaving process. Hand knotted  large area rugs have a more defined and distinctive design than a hand tufted or machine made area rug because of the way they are designed and hand crafted.
Here are some details of the process of creating a hand knotted area rug:

1. The artist draws the rug’s full-scale design on a special graph paper.
2. Each square on the paper represents a “knot” of the rug.
3. Once the design is drafted, the rug is placed on a frame, called a “loom”.
4. Columns of thread are stretched vertically (referred to as the warp) on the loom. 
5. The weaving process of the area rug begins.
6. The weft runs horizontally and intertwines with the warp to create the foundation of the rug.
7. These are the threads that eventually become the fringe of the rug.
8. The knots are then tied to the warp by hand.  Hand tied knot by knot.

Contact us today for a look at hand knotted rugs or let us know your design so we can have one made for your decorating for your home or office.