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Enhance Flooring with Area Rug

Enhance Flooring with Area Rug

Choosing a rug … it’s as simple as picking a color or pattern. Sounds easy, right? You need to look for quality in your new area rug and work with a qualified rug dealer who can help you with what you are really looking for to accent your home. It turns out that buying a rug, much like any big piece of furniture, is a purchase that benefits from research.

After all, whether you’re shopping for your new place, or simply looking to spruce up the home you’ve owned for years, the area rug you choose will be seen (and walked upon) every day. It has to be stylish but durable enough to stand up to spills and soles. And even just one year is a lot of time to spend with any high-maintenance rug that needs constant care. We asked interior designers and industry professionals what they recommend looking for to find a rug that won’t let you down and Shiraz Rug Gallery has the knowledge from many years of working with rugs.

Silk, wool, or synthetic rug? 

Surprise! Wool rugs are considered the most resilient. The fibers are naturally stain-resistant — and flame-retardant to boot. But wool isn’t the only winning material for an area rug. “Real wool and real silk are by far the most durable,” is the thought of many people in the rug industry. Experts especially recommend natural fibers for its sumptuous feel underfoot, which makes silk or wool rugs a luxurious choice for bedrooms.

Having a beautiful rug is an investment for many years and Shiraz Rug Gallery is here to help you. Contact us.