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Rug Restoration

At Shiraz Rug Company, we take pride in offering in-house restoration services for handmade rugs. When you bring your rug to us, our skilled team examines it thoroughly to determine the most appropriate type of repair, whether it be conservation, restoration, or general repair.

Our rug restoration specialists will consult with you and provide suggestions on how to fix your rug, ensuring that it retains its value and aesthetic beauty. This consultation is provided to you free of charge, as we believe in providing the best possible solutions for your rug restoration needs.

Repairing Area Rugs Is a Labor-Intensive Process That Requires Meticulous Attention to Detail. Our Restoration Experts Follow a Comprehensive Approach Which Includes:

  1. Choosing the most suitable yarn for the restoration to match the original.
  2. Protecting the surrounding areas around the damaged part of the rug.
  3. Rebuilding any damaged or missing warp to restore structural integrity.
  4. Re-knotting the pile in accordance with the rug’s original design and color.
  5. Binding and rebuilding fringes to prevent unraveling and maintain the rug’s overall appearance.

At Shiraz Rug Company, we offer a full range of rug repair and restoration services to address common issues faced by rug owners. Some of these problems include worn fringes, holes and torn areas, moth damage, pile wear, kilim unraveling, and salvage wear.

Our goal is to bring new life to your beloved rugs and ensure their longevity. Trust our expertise and commitment to excellence in rug restoration. Visit us today to discuss your specific rug repair needs and let our team provide the solutions you require.