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Buying And Styling Guide For Area Rugs

area rugs

Buying And Styling Guide For Area Rugs

The rugs are made for every room. Area rugs come in various materials and designs so that the rug will suit every need of different rooms. Here are some tips on choosing and styling the rugs in the right way: 

  • A runner in the hallway will make the space eye-catchy and comfortable as well. It will definitely make the next room more visible to the eye. 
  • Living room rugs need to be comfortable and soft as t is the hangout spot for the whole family. Low pile rugs are usually preferred for high traffic living rooms as they are easier to clean.
  • A stylish area rug will make a good focal point in the office or the dining room.
  • The rug for the dining room should be big enough to accommodate the whole table. The chairs should fall on the rug when scooting in and out of the table. 
  • A rug in front of the sink or stove can be a good and comfortable standing spot for you.
  • The area rug is there to make your bedroom look more lavish and cozy. There are plenty of ways to style up your bedroom with a rug. Either place one large rug from wall to wall or big enough to place just under the bed. You can place the rugs beside the bed as well.
  • A rug for the children’s room will make it safe and comfortable.
Area Rugs

Styling Tips:

  • Use the rug on the top of the carpet. The process is called layering where you put a beautiful rug over a rough and tough carpet to protect the carpet. 
  • You can also layer a bold color area rug over a neutral color area rug to add a new touch of styling and get the comfort of a double layer at the same time.
  • A round dining table will go perfectly with a round area rug. Round area rugs add luxury to the spaces.
  • You can coordinate the color of your rug with the furniture and the curtains. That way the room will look more pulled together.

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