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Every room needs a starting point with an Area Rug.

Area Rug

That one piece that inspires you and sets the direction for the rest of the space. The inspiration piece can be anything, but an area rug can be a perfect option. Buying a beautiful area rug that you love, and then use the colors from it to inspire your room’s palette. 

Look at what the room is being used for and how you want the room to look with a large or small area rug. Make sure the area rug is made of quality yarn so it lasts a long time. You can change the colors and décor of the room that will look great with the new area rug. You want your rug to wear well so you can enjoy the look for many years to come.

Having a great area rug makes the difference in the room for the look and feel. Area rugs also add an element of comfort.

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