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Hand Made Wool Rugs vs. Machine Made Rugs

Sharaz Rugs carries the finest hand made rugs in the desert. People come from all over the U.S and Canada to have their custom hand made rugs designed and woven. The quality is important for the value of the rug and being able to pass the rug down to other generations.

  • Wool rugs are either handcrafted or machine-made.
  • Machine-made rugs are more affordable, yet they lack the aura, intricacies and artisanal qualities of handcrafted rugs.
  • Handcrafted rug types include hand knotted, hand tufted, cut-and-loop, high-low, hand carved and flatweaves.
  • Each handcrafted weave type has a different look and feel to it – some more traditional and more formal, while others are more relaxed and casual.
  • Each weave type comes with different price points.

Contact us today and we can get your new rug design started to enhance the look of your beautiful home.