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Professional Large Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug cleaning and Repair

Make sure your beautiful large area rug is in the best hands for cleaning. You need to make sure the company cleaning your rug has the skill and experience to do the job right.

Shiraz Rug Gallery have been specializing in fine quality area rug cleaning for over 20 years and they know the business exceptionally well. Shiraz Rug Gallery professionals hve been cleaning rugs since the 1997, longer than anyone else in the Coachella Valley.

Your rug will be inspected and if it also needs repairs Shiraz Rug Gallery can do all of the repairds for you. The rug repair experts have more than 20 years of experience fixing area rug problems. Along with doing a quality cleaning process Shiraz will stabilize ends, repair fringe, or patch worn areas of your luxury area rug.

It is much less expensive to clean and repair your existing rug. If you need new area rugs for other rooms of your home or office let us know. Contact us or come to one of our show rooms.