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What to Know When Shopping For Wool Area Rugs

Wools rugs can last for generations if cared for properly. Shiraz offers the finest in wool area rugs in the Palm Desert area for your home or your vacation home here in the desert. Wool area rugs can be all types of colors and designs. We can make them custom for the look of you home. Here are facts about wool area rugs you need to know:

  • There are good/better/best grades of wool used to produce area rugs.
  • Some wool rugs are made from higher quality wools than others because some sheep naturally produce finer wools than others,
  • High-quality wool rugs are soft and smooth.
  • Lesser-quality rugs are not as soft and are somewhat brittle to the touch.
  • Wool rugs are available in variety of price points to accommodate most any budget.

Contact us today and we can begin the process of developing your new custom wool area rug. Our design team can select something from our current stock or we can have a rug made for you based on your specifications.