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Wool is a Great Choice in Area Rugs

With its many features & benefits wool for area rugs, including organic beauty to durability to sustainability. Wool is thought to be the strongest, most vibrant, most beautiful and most ecology-friendly fiber choice for all sizes of area rugs.

Rugs made of wool tend to be so durable and will outlast rugs made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc. For sheer beauty, longevity and durability, high-quality wool rugs simply cannot be beat.

Wool is Durable and Sustainable above all other types of rug materials:

  • Wool is thought of as the strongest most resilient area rug fiber.
  • When properly cared for and cleaned a fine wool rug can last for generations.
  • Fine wool rugs are likely to outlast synthetic fiber rugs, including nylon, acrylic, polyester and others.
  • Wool is a truly natural & sustainable material and with the environment in mind it is the best choice.
  • The supply of wool is constantly replenished because wool is harvested from specially bred sheep that produce different types of wool perfect for handmade area rugs.
  • These sheep grow back their coats season after season and so they are natural, organic and new every season.

Contact us today for your next area rug from our showroom or we can create a beautiful wool area rug to match your decor from design to creation.