Wool is Cleanable & Stain Resistant

Wool fibers are naturally moisture and stain resistant. If a liquid spills on a wool rug and you act quickly, it is possible to avoid staining if the spill is blotted immediately. (Blotting with white towels/white paper towels prevents color transfer.) Wool rugs are easy to maintain with regular vacuuming that prevents dirt particles from accumulating … Read moreWool is Cleanable & Stain Resistant

Wool is a Great Choice in Area Rugs

With its many features & benefits wool for area rugs, including organic beauty to durability to sustainability. Wool is thought to be the strongest, most vibrant, most beautiful and most ecology-friendly fiber choice for all sizes of area rugs. Rugs made of wool tend to be so durable and will outlast rugs made of synthetic … Read moreWool is a Great Choice in Area Rugs

Importance of Luxury Rug Appraisals

Shiraz Rugs has Extensive knowledge, built over the years being in the rug trade, has given our team the ability to properly appraise your Oriental, Persian or vintage large area rug.  Selecting the right rug appraiser in Palm Desert and surrounding Palm Springs is important. We provide official appraisals for insurance companies and the public alike. … Read moreImportance of Luxury Rug Appraisals

Every room needs a starting point with an Area Rug.

Area Rug

That one piece that inspires you and sets the direction for the rest of the space. The inspiration piece can be anything, but an area rug can be a perfect option. Buying a beautiful area rug that you love, and then use the colors from it to inspire your room’s palette.  Look at what the … Read moreEvery room needs a starting point with an Area Rug.